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What to do with Yellowstone Park closed in 2022 – Advice for visitors

Yellowstone Park has closed the North entrance at Gardiner, MT, and the Northeast Entrance at Silver Gate due to flood damage. While visitors to the area won’t be able to use these entrances to visit the park, there are still lots of great ways to enjoy a visit to this special area. Here are some ideas for an alternative to a Yellowstone Park Visit.

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7 Quick Visits along Interstate 90 in Montana

From Billings Montana to the Idaho border Interstate 90 runs east to west for more than 450 miles across some of the best of Montana. While Interstate highways are designed for people to move quickly past an area, there are hikes and natural attractions that are close to, if not right on the Interstate that you can visit without taking much time.


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Yellowstone Area Hikes and Attractions

Central Montana Hikes and Attractions

Western Montana Hikes and Attractions

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