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Free Camping – Paradise Valley, Gardiner, MT, Livingston, MT

Most visitors look for private or national forest campgrounds when they visit the Gardiner, Livingston, Paradise Valley area in Montana. However, there are a few opportunities for free camping in this area just north of Yellowstone Park. Keep reading for our guide to free camping in Paradise Valley and along the Upper Yellowstone River.

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Stillwater River Trail # 24 and Sioux Charley Lake

The Stillwater River trail provides great hiking into the Absaroka Beartooth Wilderness. While the trail leads to amazing riches for backpackers, there is a very popular day hike to Sioux Charley Lake. It’s a 3-mile hike on a good trail that climbs gradually for the entire distance. The trail includes a narrow gorge with raging whitewater, great mountain views, and a stream that becomes a wide, flat lake.

Camping & Campgrounds Gardiner, Paradise Valley, Livingston

Bear Creek & Timber Camp Campgrounds

The Timber Camp and Bear Creek Campgrounds are about a mile apart at the end of Bear Creek Road 11 miles outside of Gardiner, MT. The Forest Service identifies each as a campground but they also call them dispersed camping areas and there is no camping fee at either. They provide a great base for exploring the Absaroka Beartooth Wilderness and visiting Yellowstone Park.

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Woodbine Falls Trail #93

The Woodbine Falls trail is only about 3/4 mile long and features mild climbing on a well-designed and maintained trail. The trail ends at an overlook that provides excellent views of Woodbine Falls as it plunges down a vertical cliff wall. It’s easy to understand why this is one of the most popular hiking trails in the Absaroka Beartooth Wilderness.

Woodbine Campground

The Woodbine Campground sits in the Beartooth Mountains on the banks of the Stillwater River. Fishing, hiking, whitewater kayaking, wilderness access, and breathtaking scenery are the main attractions. The forested campground has great views in all directions and it’s no wonder this is a very popular site.

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East Fork Mill Creek Trail # 41

Mill Creek is the largest tributary to the Yellowstone River between Livingston, MT and Yellowstone Park. It’s one of the few places where roads penetrate into the national forest and there are lots of trails to enjoy. The East Fork of Mill Creek trailhead provides access to a major trail system in the Absaroka Beartooth Wilderness.

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Best Guide to Beartooth Highway and Beartooth Pass [2022]

The Beartooth Highway (US Hwy 212), also known as the Beartooth All American Highway is one of the most spectacular routes in the continental United States. The highway travels through high-altitude wilderness terrain for 63 miles between Red Lodge, MT and the North East Entrance to Yellowstone Park at Silver Gate, MT. This guide travels the road beginning in Red Lodge and ending in Yellowstone Park but it can easily be driven in reverse

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Complete Guide To Beartooth Highway Camping and Campgrounds

There are many public campgrounds along the Beartooth Highway. Which one is best for you will depend on a number of factors. To help you choose we’ve prepared this guide to the public campgrounds along the route. There is a page of additional information about each of these campgrounds – just click on the campground name to learn more

Red Lodge Area

Exploring the West Fork Rock Creek – Red Lodge, MT

Rock Creek drains the Beartooth Mountains south and west of Red Lodge MT. and the West Fork Rock Creek is its longest and largest tributary. The two branches join just outside of Red Lodge. The West Fork offers opportunities for camping, fishing, hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, skiing, and enjoying a wilderness setting.

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Cascade Campground on West Fork Rock Creek

Cascade Creek Campground is located on the West Fork Rock Creek about 11 miles west of Red Lodge, MT. Nestled in the Beartooth Mountains at 7,600 ft, Cascade Creek Campground features great hiking, fishing, and mountain biking opportunities.