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Best Guide to Beartooth Highway and Beartooth Pass [2022]

The Beartooth Highway (US Hwy 212), also known as the Beartooth All American Highway is one of the most spectacular routes in the continental United States. The highway travels through high-altitude wilderness terrain for 63 miles between Red Lodge, MT and the North East Entrance to Yellowstone Park at Silver Gate, MT. This guide travels the road beginning in Red Lodge and ending in Yellowstone Park but it can easily be driven in reverse

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Complete Guide To Beartooth Highway Camping and Campgrounds

2022 Floods and Campground Closures

In mid-June, 2022 historic floods hit Montana in the Yellowstone Park region. Washed-out roads and bridges have left many campgrounds and trails closed. The table below is mostly accurate but you should always check to make sure your intended campground is open! Call the Beartooth Ranger District at 406-446-2103

There are many public campgrounds along the Beartooth Highway. Which one is best for you will depend on a number of factors. To help you choose we’ve prepared this guide to the public campgrounds along the route. There is a page of additional information about each of these campgrounds – just click on the campground name to learn more

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Beartooth Pass Camping & Campgrounds Red Lodge Area Yellowstone Area Hikes and Attractions

Crazy Creek Campground on the Beartooth Highway

Located on the Beartooth Highway 11 miles east of Cooke City, MT and 15 miles from Yellowstone Park, the Crazy Creek campground has 16 campsites near Crazy Creek. A special feature is a short trail to the scenic Crazy Creek Falls. Crazy Creek Campground is in the Clark’s Fork Ranger District of the Shoshone National Forest on the Wyoming section of the famous Beartooth Highway.