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What to do with Yellowstone Park closed in 2022 – Advice for visitors

Yellowstone Park has closed the North entrance at Gardiner, MT, and the Northeast Entrance at Silver Gate due to flood damage. While visitors to the area won’t be able to use these entrances to visit the park, there are still lots of great ways to enjoy a visit to this special area. Here are some ideas for an alternative to a Yellowstone Park Visit.

Livingston & Paradise Valley Yellowstone Area Hikes and Attractions

Gallatin Petrified Forest Trail

The Gallatin Petrified Forest Interpretive Trail #286 provides an opportunity to explore a petrified forest area that has not been developed. Hikers delight in viewing the petrified wood right where nature put it.

Camping & Campgrounds

2022 Yellowstone Park Campground Reservations

Now is the time to secure reservations for summer campsites in Yellowstone Park. Unfortunately, the days of just showing up to claim a campsite are over and you must have an advance reservation if you want to camp in Yellowstone. It is a sure bet that every campground will be full every night of the season. Make your plans now and get your reservations as soon as possible